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Jul 18, 2023·edited Aug 6, 2023

Yes, we certainly can and I do all the time!

For over 40 years I have been designing and creating environments that support humans and their preferred, desired outcomes, I have been able to design to direct their autopilot unconscious behavior with tremendous, wonderful success.

I am the designer on the 2020 study (PPG, Campos, Rand) where we used just color, its use and placement to determine the impact color might have in student engagement. Results were astounding: student and teachers engagement from 50% to 100% (students) and from 50% to 94% (teachers). For executive summary, email me Fawn@FawnChang.com

If you’d be interested in opening a conversation, I’d be delighted.

I also write and deliver presentations for architects, engineers, and interior designers, speaking internationally, showing the theory and practical application of color, placement, layout, item, design to inspire behavior unconsciously. In one of my recent presentations to Architects (Forecasting Exteriors: The Architects Role in Restoring Global Health) I introduce you and reveal some of your research (and books) to wide eyed audiences throughout Canada, US, Japan and Chile. They find the information revolutionary, of course. In the presentation, I also introduce practical principles to design exteriors & interiors to positively impact the people, their interactions, and ultimately their health.

I would like to know how I might collaborate or work with you somehow.

Thank you again for your inspiring writings, your research, and your work.

Great articles, great books and thank you!

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